Jhannell Edwards


Jhannell Edwards has raving fans and an impeccable reputation as an advocate, partner, and confidant. "If I were putting together a dream team of superstars, Jhannell would be my first call!" -Jake Leskie-Willis, Juno Award Winner.

As an Ottawa native and a seasoned real estate professional, Jhannell recognizes and values the trust that her clients place in her as she strives every day to exceed their expectations. She has had the pleasure of helping first-time home buyers through to seasoned investors with their real estate needs.

Jhannell Edwards has been passionate about real estate since her earliest years growing up in Ottawa. She always knew that she wanted to chart a path helping others and found her true calling in real estate. Keenly aware of the nuances that make for a sophisticated real estate experience, she spares no expense to make that a reality for each client.

Prior to real estate, Jhannell spent years producing large-scale corporate social events including the 100th CFL Grey Cup Gala, The Winter Olympics gala in Calgary, TIFF events, and private weddings. Navigating high-stakes situations honed her skills as a negotiator, problem-solver, and client advocate, which translated nicely into the world of real estate.

Outside of Real Estate, Jhannell is a mom to a vibrant daughter, loves the gym and NBA basketball, outdoor concerts and traveling.